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Berman's powerful trilogy sheds light on the little-known yet inspiring story of Norway and the Holocaust 


"This 'untold story' about what happened to Norwegian Jews during the Holocaust 

deserves to be told – and now it is.”       Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate, 2011

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-----JUST PUBLISHED!----THE PRICE OF SURVIVAL, MARCUS LEVIN, Norwegian Holocaust Humanitarian


Irene Levin Berman documents her father's extraordinary efforts to aid Norwegian Jews and stateless refugees before, during and after the Holocaust. 

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A fact-based story dramatically unfolds through the inter-twined lives of three young Jews struggling to survive in Nazi-occupied Norway. This novel is created for young adults and the generations that came before them. It combines a thrilling story with the underlying principle that we must never forget the real stories of millions of people who failed to escape the darkness; they remain in our memories forever. 

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"We Are Going to Pick Potatoes", Norway and the Holocaust, The Untold Story


“The story of indifference and courage, of despair and hope, of silence and action. A very Jewish and very human story which should be told and listened to.”
Michael Melchior, Chief Rabbi of Norway,
Former Cabinet Minister of Israel

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